Whether you are involved in golf tournament planning for a corporation or just looking to set up a golf charity event, theme is an important factor to consider for your next outing. Plenty of golf enthusiasts have taken part in events similar to yours in the past, but with a well thought out theme and some personalized golf gear, you can make your day stand out from the crowd and become a complete success.

Before deciding on an idea, your targeted audience is a factor that your must take into consideration. Selecting a "women's only" theme for a golf charity day to benefit prostate cancer wouldn't make much sense. Instead, try to find a unifying trait among your selected audience that would bring them together. Further still, try to anticipate - as best you can - the hurdles or factors that may prevent people from attending or fully enjoying the outing.

For example, perhaps you are orchestrating a golf outing to benefit a charity dedicated to rescuing animals. More than likely, your targeted audience is going to be pet owners who care a great deal about animal well-being. But what if some of the potential participants can't come enjoy the day because their own pets need tending to? Your theme solution is a "pet-friendly" event. After contacting local golf courses that approve of the idea, maybe you put together an on-site dog sitting service. Now your audience gets to partake in an event to benefit animals while Fido enjoys a play date simultaneously!

Let's look at another potential case. You've been tasked with this year's corporate golf outing to benefit youth sports in the area. Your target audience will mostly consist of those employees with children who partake in the neighborhood athletic programs. A theme of parent-child pairings would go over great, especially coupled with funny sports aspects throughout the event. Maybe participants have to putt with a hockey stick on one hole or tee off with a tennis ball on another. The kids will get a huge kick out of the experience and parents will enjoy the quality time.