The Standard Golf Company is a manufacturer of golf course furnishings and accessories. It is based in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Golfers usually see the Standard Golf logo and brand name on flagsticks, flags, cups, ball washers, tee markers, and other furniture on the golf course. The company also manufactures custom signage for courses.

The company is one of the most innovative in designs. Recent successful products include a combination of a fluted cup and a grooved flagstick bottom that locks onto the cup, keeping the flagstick straight and solidly in the hole. The company also offers a wood-grain colored flagstick and recently launched a product that supports advertising on flagsticks. The company also launched a customized flagstick service, allowing customers to order the company's basic flagstick in custom colors.

The "ad in the hole" system - a once-popular form of revenue for a course, consisted of a plastic impact-resistant bottom that fits Standard Golf's original plastic golf hole liner - marketed as the "Riji Cup".

Standard Golf also owns and operates the Backyard Golfer website, an e-business site that sells their products to consumers. For golf courses, the products are available through distributors throughout the world.

The company has been in business for over 90 years, including surviving a devastating 1992 fire that destroyed its factory.