The Srixon I 506 irons are a set of clubs produced and sold by Srixon.

Construction detailsEdit

The club heads of the Srixon I 506 irons are crafted using forged carbon steel with a standard tour cavity back. The clubs are satin finished and offer dynamic gold shafts, weighing between 121 and 117 grams each. In addition, the irons also are crafted with heel and toe cuts on the sole to aid players in gaining smooth contact in all turf.

Lie/loft detailsEdit

The clubs begin with the 2-iron's 18 degree loft. From there, each additional club has a loft three degrees higher than that of the club prior. The lie angle begins at 59 degrees for the 2-iron and increases by half a degree for each additional club.


The I 506 irons are a middle to upper priced club, with each set carrying a MSRP of $699.99, or about $78 per club.

External linksEdit

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