Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a navigation system that uses satellites to show its location on the planet. The system offers reliable positioning and navigation constantly and is free to everyone with a GPS receiver. Originally, GPS was not intended for public use, but once it was opened to the public, the system advanced in ways never dreamed of by its inventors. One of developed improvements is a way to help improve one's golf score.

Golf GPS units are becoming more and more popular. As people arrive to play their game and rent a golf cart, the option is now available to rent a Golf GPS unit as well. The units are used to determine the golfer's distance from the green and other areas on the course. Basically, the unit consists of a unit with GPS capabilities that holds data about the golf course being played on. This data includes maps and any other information about the golf course that is important to help playing that particular course. The unit stores information regarding a course, or many different courses. In order to receive the information about a specific course, that information must first be downloaded to the system.

There are many benefits to playing a game of golf with this GPS unit. With the information provided, one can know his or her exact distance to the green. This can improve the pace of the game by eliminating the need to step off distances from a yardage marker or using a yardage book for the course. The Golf GPS unit can also track golf balls that contain implanted trackers in them, making it impossible to lose another golf ball. It will not always be an easy retrieval, however, since deep water hazards do still exist.

A number of different options are available when it comes to Golf GPS devices. They come in a variety of sizes and offer different features. Some features include keeping the user aware of the distance from targets while on the course, showing this length with one push of a button. The system shows the golfer any hazards or trees that are in the path of his or her drive. Certain systems may show hazards such as front, center, and back of the green, sand bunkers, water traps, lay-ups, and carries. For even easier access to the GPS information, there are some cell phones that can act as the Golf GPS unit with the right program.

A competing technology to the Golf GPS unit is the laser rangefinder. One advantage of the laser rangefinder is that it does not require any course data. Golf GPS units need the information from that particular course loaded into the unit. A disadvantage of laser rangefinders, however, is the time needed to use it effectively. Golf GPS is a much easier and faster system to use.

For anyone that holds an interest in improving their golf score, a Golf GPS unit is an item that should catch their interest, and people that love golf appreciate them. With the information provided by a Golf GPS device, the strokes are almost guaranteed to fall from your game.