Bayco Golf is a manufacturer of golf course accessories including tee markers, yardage markers, flagsticks, benches, and signs.

Bayco Golf was founded in 1986 and is a subdivision of Bay Bronze Industries in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was believed that the launch customer for Bayco was the Elmhurst Golf and Country Club near Winnipeg - as the top officials for Bayco were members there at the time. The products spread quickly throughout Manitoba. Today, Bayco Golf course accessories can be found on golf courses in over 30 countries around the globe.

The Bayco name appears clearly on most Bayco products including ball washers and seed boxes.

Bayco has one of the widest selection of hole cups, which includes wide non-regulation cups for winter and events. Bayco's hole liners are known for their durability. They look similar to those of Par Aide, but they also noted for having six ridges radiating from the center hole. The plastic cups make a sharp noticeable sound when the ball goes in. Bayco also made a cup suitable for Ad In The Hole fittings. They also have a PGA-type hole liner, which looks similar to the Standard Golf aluminum cup.

Bayco is the maker of the world's first hybrid hole cup, featuring a metal base and a plastic sleeve. The two pieces interlock together. The plastic sleeve is easily replaceable.

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